- Incorporating a special dampener mechanism, X-Bar Boring Bars eliminate chatter for extremely fine finishes and extra long tool life. Providing smooth finishes at up to 6X L/D, the X-Bar is ideal for extended overhang applications
- Costly carbide and standard steel boring bars cannot compete with the superior rigidity of the anti-vibration X-Bar
- All X-Bars are equipped with coolant holes to improve chip flow
- A wide variety of chipbreakers are available, including the new positive style  ELU and ESU designs, in CCMT, TCMT and TPMT geometries
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- These boring bars feature proven lock pins for negative rake geometry inserts
- They are ideal for unground, negative rake inserts or utility and precision ground  inserts
- Integral coolant delivery versions are available
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- These boring bars are available with steel, carbide, or heavymetal shanks, ranging in  size from 3/8" to 1" and coolant through the tool
- They are designed to ISO-ANSI standards, and use special insert holding screws
- Versions are available with anti-vibration steel shanks
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AC820P / 830P - Steel turning technology breakthrough
- Increase your feed rates – increase your tool life – increase your profit – switch to  new AC820P our new wide application general purpose steel turning grade suitable
  for medium to light turning applications including the removal of outer skin, plus our new chip breakers NGE and NSE for optimised chip control at higher feed rates
- New super tough grade AC830P is a real workhorse which offers outstanding edge  security for heavy roughing applications, removal of rough outer skin, interrupted cutting across a broad range of cutting speeds with significant increases in productivity  and outstanding increases in tool life
- These grades represent a breakthough in steel turning technology as the ultra hard properties and laminated structure of ceramic layers in newly developed Super FF Coat reduce tool wear even at higher cutting speeds, whilst the ultra smooth surface reduces friction and thermal temperature at the cutting edge, improving surface finish, tool life and size control
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- An upsurge in the use of small automatic lathes often referred to as “Swiss Autos" and generally associated with high volume machining of small precision components in high quality materials has created a demand for a range of reliable easy to turning tools
- The heart of any reliable turning tool correctly set and programmed is the insert and how well the cutting edge performs
- AC530U is a newly developed tough grade which features our ultra hard Super ZX coat and is particularly suitable for high precision machining of stainless steel and small components using tools like our mini toolholder range promising outstanding reliability at the cutting edge for trouble free machining, high feed rates and long tool life
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AC510U / AC520U for exotic alloys
- Catering for the increasing demands of manufacturers machining components in a growing range of lightweight wear resistant and often difficult to machine materials like nickel – ferrite – cobalt base heat resistant and titanium alloys - including Inconel 718 - we developed new grades AC510U a general purpose grade with a strong but sharp cutting edge suitable for roughing and finishing applications and AC520U a tough grade suitable for heavy interrupted cutting and the removal of scale
- Both grades utilise our ultra hard Super ZX coat and promise substantial increases in tool life and productivity
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B Groove - quick and easy for high precision grooves
- Solving the swarf removal problems normally associated with turning square shaped grooves 1.5 – 4.5mm wide we developed our tangentially mounted three corner SumiTurn B – Groove inserts and made them suitable for plunge / lateral machining for effective sidewall finishing
- Available in our newly developed AC530U grade which features our ultra hard Super  ZX coating we achieved high quality finished grooves, outstanding productivity and  tool life improvements grooving steels, stainless steels and non ferrous metals
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AC410K - New grade for iron turning
- Ultra fine – Ultra hard – Ultra smooth best describes the Super FF coating - a newly developed turning grade AC410K which promises improvements in productivity of up to 50% an increase in tool life of 100% and improved surface finish
- Suitable for higher speed turning of ductile cast iron and grey cast iron
- In the light to medium cutting application range try our strong NGZ chip breaker on interrupted cuts and scale removal
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AC610M/AC630M - New stainless steel turning grades
- Overcoming the problems associated with turning stainless steels these newly developed grades feature an ultra hard micro grain Alumina coating and a sharp cutting edge to resist heat, wear and chip adhesion. Use grade AC610M for high speed finishing and main grade AC630M for general purpose turning - for outstanding performance and tool life
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AC700G for grey and ductile irons plus high speed turning of steels
- A reliable grade that combines a tough substrate with a peeling resistant coating for roughing and interrupted cutting of grey and ductile cast iron the newly developed alumina coating improves tool life when compared to conventional grades making the insert suitable for dry machining and the high speed finishing of steels
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NGU-W & NLU-W wiper inserts offer twice the feed rate or twice the finish
- Our inserts in grade AC2000 with wiper geometry NGU-W doubles the feed rate of conventional inserts when turning steels and cast iron. Its like having two turning machines – twice the number of parts per hour and no capital cost to fund
- For finish turning choose grade AC700G with wiper geometry NLU-W for an outstanding finish and micro precision geometry
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T3000Z new tough coated cermet grade
- Extending tool life at higher feed rates new coated cermet grade T3000Z features a newly developed tough substrate complimented by an ultra hard coating which at 4000 Vickers is almost as hard as CBN
- Code named ZX this nano technology coating less than 3 microns thickness has 2000 layers and provides excellent heat and wear resistance even on medium cutting applications and interrupted cuts at high feed rates
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AC900G for turning steels and nodular iron
- Suitable for turning cast iron with heavy interrupted cuts and steels at high cutting speeds this newly developed insert grade features a hard, super tough coating on a newly developed substrate
- The smooth coating resists chip adhesion, thermal conductivity and offers excellent tool life at higher feed rates
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